Philadelphia Comic-Con!!

Hello again! I feel like its barely been any time since I've seen you! probably because I started writing this within two minutes of posting the last one. anyway, you can see what this one is about!!

I've never been to a convention before, and my dad had never been to a comic convention before, though he did go to quite a few Star Trek cons back in the day, so we were both pretty pumped. We went on the Saturday (so...June 22nd? I think?) and there were so many people and everyone was excited, and wearing either awesome costumes or awesome t-shirts.

Mostly I just walked around, staring at all of the amazing booths. I spent twenty minutes at one artist's table debating whether I should get a winter soldier print or a captain America print. I ended up picking the winter soldier print which was really fucking lucky because ten minutes latter I found out that SEBASTIAN STAN WAS AT THE CON. And then I sprinted to where his table was because his line from signing was all gone so you could literally just walk up as say hello but I got there SECONDS after he left. I couldn't believe it. There may or may not have been some pouting involved. 

It was a lot of walking around, and just taking the time to soak the whole experience in. I took pictures with three different Loki's which was really cool. So many people all loving the same things together just makes me really happy.

Oh look! It's Merida again!

Fortunately for me, my dad is amazing and awesome and wonderful, and he got me a little ticket thing so I could get Sebastian Stan's signature! He went off to look around, and I sprinted over to watch the Winter Soldier panel with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (which was great, Mackie really stole the show) before speed walking back to Stan's booth, where I discovered that my dad had gotten in line for me a while back, and I could join the line much more towards the front than I had anticipated.

Because I was by myself at the panel, I managed to sneak up pretty close to the front!

Sebastian was adorable and awesome and complemented the picture as he signed and then got distracted by Mackie at the table over and started yelling at him. Then he started signing the picture in a different spot, so it said "To Morgan" in two different places. I was treated to a very nice long extended "SHIT" which was really fucking cute pretty funny actually before he finished up the signature thing. It was all very cute and I was smiling like a lunatic the whole time.

It was just a very nice day. I have one particular friend who is my go-to soul mate for all things fangirl, and I texted her the whole day too. And, I got an awesome Incredible Hulk shirt, which was harder than you'd think because apparently it is the law that all Hulk shirts totally suck or are for very small children.

I can't wait to go again next year, and hopefully for more than just one of the days. And I want to cosplay next year! Which should be fun. My fangirl soul mate friend and I already have like four pairs of people we want to go as. I'd be Bucky, she'd be Cap. I'd be Anna, she'd be Elsa. She's totally awesome and I love her and her sense of humor is the best. We go to see all of the Marvel movies together, and she's just as obsessed with Sherlock as I am.

Well, I seem to have gotten a little off track there. In conclusion, I loved it, I love Sebastian Stan, I love Anthony Mackie, I love my dad, I love comics, I love movies, I love TV shows, I love my fangirl soul mate friend, I loved everything.

Lots of love. See you guys soon. :)

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