Land of Oz

Hey everyone! I've always been obsessed with dream worlds and alternate dimensions. Books, movies, shows that take place in our world but slightly different. All of this just gets me so interested.

Recently, I've encountered an entirely new dream world inside our own. At school, we started learning about the light spectrum and wavelengths and I was... I can't even say how much I loved the whole thing.

My teacher gave us these spectrum glasses that look like the old paper 3D glasses and I stepped into my own little land of Oz.

And I adored every minute of it.


Big Break

Hey everybody! I'm baaaaack. I'm in the musical at my school, and rehearsal gets super intense around February so I've had literally no time to do anything. I promise that I'll keep it up starting now.

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday. I'm sixteen!! And I am so grateful for my entire family and all my friends and how great they all make my life. I'm in a bit of a rush, so here are some pictures I'm ucuurently obsessed with:

Princesses in historically accurate costume by Claire Hummel

My personal favorite, Einstein wearing fuzzy slippers:

And my new desktop wallpaper, The Giant Rubber Duck in the Sydney Harbor: