Welcome to Hell Frozen Over

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've sat down to type something out, even though it seems like I've had more free time than ever considering that today was the fifth snow day my school has had within a month and a half. I appear to be approaching the limit to how many Best Ink marathons a person can enjoy in a small period of time.

I do enjoy the snow, though. Maybe not rolling around in it, thanks to a past trauma involving a pair of skinny jeans, but I do think that a world covered in snow is one of the prettiest things to witness. It makes everything seem shiny and bright, like a good rain makes everything smell new and green.

I like wasting time doing that when I'm bored sometimes. I'll try and think of what everything smells like and reminds me of. Since snow-covered air is the cleanest, most wonderful thing, I'd say it smells like the color white or blue. The beach smells like neon teal, and campfires smell like a creeping, almost seductive kind of grey-maroon.

Okay, I just read that back to myself and it sounds pretty dumb now. Oh well.

I wish I could at least go Ice skating, but my parents are busy actually working during the work week and I don't have any other ways of getting a ride. I adore ice skating, I think it feels like flying. It's one of the very best things about winter. If I could skate really well I would want to join a hockey team, I think. On reflection, I may have an alarming tendency for rather dangerous sports. This theory is supported by my kind of obsessive interest in lacrosse, hockey, and roller derby. If I ever thought for a minute I could be on a football team and get to be something other than the kicker, I'd do that in a heartbeat.

I think that's enough rambling for me today. Goodnight, folks.

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