August Inspiration!

I'm in such a mood you guys. Summer is more than half way over, and I feel like I'm only just waking up.To me, August is the very best part of summer. you can feel things coming to a close and everyone is just rushing to fit in as much excitement as they can. Its a little bit dangerous, a little sexy, a little taboo, but its also warm and welcoming and joyous. so here are some things I've been obsessing over.

Unknown gif; Lana Del Rey; Woodstock '69; Kellin Quin of Sleeping with Sirens; two Warped Tour mosh pits; Moonrise Kingdom; Amy Winehouse; Paris Romance  by KJ Carr; Pictures from humansofnewyork's tumblr; Twiggy; unknown makeup picture from tumblr; Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl; Dunya of Dearest Deer; Unknown

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